Despite the fact that he arrived in a dreadful state, he became an absolutely wonderful dog whilst he was in here and taught Beryl how to do “dogs” which she didn’t know how to do before he arrived.

Tommy now lives in an extended family in Plymouth and he is Buster’s best mate.


This boy came in from the police on Jan 8th, very under weight, terrified, untrusting of people and willing to bite if he had to.

He has blossomed into a sweet natured, happy dog. Friendly chap, who now thinks humans might be OK.

Dogs are amazing. He loves cuddles from me and is fast learning to trust strangers.

Tommy needs time for company and space. He’s a big boy. Loyal and gentle, and is totally dog and cat friendly.

The boy is now doing brilliantly – so much so, I need to watch his weight!

Tommy is a very balanced, chilled staffie, 3yrs, neutered. He loves attention, is polite and sociable with other dogs and smiles all the time.

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