This is Mia, an 8 year old Border Collie that was taken to the vets for destruction as owner going abroad. She is currently in foster and in our care.

Mia is sweet with people, extremely obedient, loves human company and will make a great companion. She is obese and on a weight loss programme. Mia is excellent in the house, can be left and does not destroy.

She is however unsocialised with dogs and reacts on the lead. Mia does not like passing other dogs on lead but she does so without too much fuss when asked. We are muzzle training and will begin the process of teaching her to accept the proximity of other dogs at a distance.

Experienced owner and ‘only animal’ home required for Mia. She has a lot to give and will make a great companion.

Mia needs to be an only dog and not living in town where she will constantly come across other dogs. Although eight years old she is quite strong.

Please share our girl for her home, she doesn’t ask for much and gives so much in return.

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