Kato came to us from his second home at the age of around 11 months. He had grown into an adult dog without learning how to interact politely with other dogs, been given no real obedience training and as an adult English Bull Terrier crossbreed was bouncy, strong and somewhat out of control. He was also loving, friendly and had the makings of a fantastic companion dog.

In his last home, Kato lived with young children, another dog and a rabbit! He was at first frightened of the rabbit but they became friends. He was also good around the children but was too energetic for the other dog ans relegated to the conservatory most of the time. he was also considerably under weight on his arrival with us, having been fed on a diet of low quality dried food.

Once more we went to work with Kato, teaching him how to walk nicely on lead and changing his diet to raw, which enabled him to gain weight and condition. It took a little longer to teach him how to interact politely with other dogs, being a Bull Terrier he loved them a little too much! His idea of fun was jumping on heads, which did not always go down well. However, over time with careful handling he learnt to integrate politely and made several doggy friends in the centre. Kato also benefitted from trips out with our volunteers and other centre dogs, becoming more and more relaible in public.

So when some long known clients of mine asked me for another dog, having lost their Bull Terrier, I did not hesitate and neither did Kato. He now lives in Cornwall, is adored and mixes with dogs, children and the world in general successfully and happily. Kato was with us for around six months, completing his learning and then finding the right home.

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