Honey is a Dogue De Bordeaux X Staffie who arrived with Devon Dog Behaviour Rehab and Rehome at 12 months of age, having been in a couple of different homes already.

She first ended up in rescue as a 10 month old pup, who had previously been in a busy family home where she got no training. She had grown into a bouncy lass who though you greeted people by popping your paws on their shoulders!

She had been re-homed once already, but came back into rescue very quickly as they couldn’t cope with her lack of basic manners. So TAG rescue in Kent realised that she needed help to find a home, and asked Ruth for help. Honey was a lovely lass, but she just had never learnt any rules.

After a few months with Ruth, she learnt to walk on the lead, and how to behave, and what boundaries were! She then began going out on day trips with Jane and Hugo, and soon worked out that she had found herself a bed to call her own!

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