Dexter arrived at 12 months with extreme behavioural problems and, wonderfully, he is now successfully placed in a home that completely understands his needs.


Dexter would love to be your wet nose Wednesday. He is our foster dog who is now ready for his forever home through Devon Dog Behaviour Rehab and Rehome.

Dexter is a little over two years old and a first cross Border Collie Labrador. He is a very special boy who has already been on a long journey.

We are trying to get him out to the public eye to find his home.

Dex joined us a little over a year ago. he had trust issues with humans, ran out of the room if you rustled a newspaper and could not cope with people approaching him to show affection. He also lacked social skills with dogs and got very anxious travelling in a car.

Dexter has spent his time with us in foster with two adults and two other dogs. His foster carers have had dogs before but they are by no means professional – an ordinary home where Dexter has learnt to trust, play with other dogs and travel calmly in a car. It has taken patience and time to help this boy to trust people again and cope with their unpredictable ways, but he has come so far.

This boy is affectionate and intelligent. He has excelled at trick training classes and still enjoys agility. Now he needs a permanent home where he can thrive and build on what he has learned. He needs a confident, experienced, adult home, ideally with another dog. Please share this boy on every page you can think of. He is so deserving and gives the utmost loyalty to his family.

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