Day Trips

The next stage is to get the dogs out and about in the world. Totnes, Newton Abbot and other towns and countryside are all nearby, providing a brilliant learning environment. Going out with trusted volunteers teaches the dogs about the wider world.

Some of the dogs that come to us have urban experience, but have never seen open fields, whilst others are ‘country dogs’ who find town a whole new challenge. By introducing them to these new environments in a controlled manner, we can help them to develop.

We are then in a better position to choose the right home for each dog whilst continuing their education.

Trips include outings to local attractions and beaches – which are all part of being a family member.

As you can imagine this takes a lot time and this is where our volunteers come into their own. Once we know that a dog is happy with a walker, a day out can be a really valuable part of their education, as well as a way to meet potential adopters.